A Discussion About What PHP Is

A lot of people do not know this but, PHP is a server-side scripting language that is actually very easy to learn. It is used to develop static websites or even dynamic websites. It is even used to develop web applications. PHP is very popular for standing for hypertext preprocessor. It was known as personal home pages. The scripts can actually be interpreted on a server that has PHP installed properly. All of the client computers that are accessing the PHP scripts will have to require a web browser only. Any PHP file that contains any PHP tags will end with an extension that says “.PHP”.

Some people do not know what a scripting language is. It couldn’t be simpler. A script is basically a set of programming instructions that are all interpreted at the wrong time. A scripting language is basically a language which interprets all of the scripts at runtime. Scripts are always embedded into other software environments.

The very purpose of the script is basically to enhance the performance or even perform a routine task for any application. Server-side scripts are the ones that interpret on the server, while the client-side scrips are the ones that are interpreted by a client application. A PHP server-side scripting is the one that integrates on the server, while JavaScript is basically a very good example of a client-side script which is completely interpreted by the client browser.

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A programming language usually has all the features that are needed to develop a complete application. The code also has to be properly compiled before it can be executed. It also does not need to be embedded into any other languages. But, scripting language mostly is used for routine tasks. The code is used and executed without any compiling. It is also embedded into other software environments, which are important.

PHP code can actually be embedded into HTML code or, it can be used in a combination of a lot of various web template systems and web content management systems with web frameworks. HTML is basically an added advantage is when you are learning PHP languages. You can even learn PHP, without knowing HTML at all but, it is recommended that you know the basics of HTML. Database management systems or DBMS are required for database-powered applications. For topics that are a little more advance, you can consider interactive applications and web services as well. You will need JavaScript and XML.

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There are very simple reasons as to why people make use of PHP. It is open-source, and it is completely free and when used with a big data analytics platform, you have a complete enterprise stack. It also happens to be a very large community document. There is a very short learning curve, as well.

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