A Discussion About What PHP Is

A lot of people do not know this but, PHP is a server-side scripting language that is actually very easy to learn. It is used to develop static websites or even dynamic websites. It is even used to develop web applications. PHP is very popular for standing for hypertext preprocessor. It was known as personal home pages. The scripts can actually be interpreted on a server that has PHP installed properly. All of the client computers that are accessing the PHP scripts will have to require a web browser only. Any PHP file......

Web development

Some Important Web Technologies Every Single Web Developer Should Know About

Web development is something that usually comes with a gigantic set of rules and a lot of techniques that are important for every single web developer. A good web developer must know about all of these things. If you are somebody who wants a website to look and also function as you wish them to, you should obviously get familiar with all of the web technologies that will end up helping you achieve your goal. When you develop an application or even a website, it typically comes down to knowing three languages which......